debian back up

4/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ du -h ~/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz24.2M    /home/pvaneynd/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz24/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ bzip2 -dcv  ~/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz2  | wc --bytes -  /home/pvaneynd/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz2: done22058737 -4/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ bcbc 1.06Copyright 1991-1994, 1997, 1998, 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.For details type `warranty'.22058737 / (1024 * 1024)21

21 megabytes of email! I will use liberally the C-d key in mutt I fear.

In other news we went to a hilarious "Welcome to Edegem" presentation. That was all nice and uplifting, until they they started talking about the financial problems and even further the traffic problems that all the big works round Antwerp will cause.

In other news my wireless network card seems to hang while handling too much traffic, or maybe because my portable is out of range of the server, or maybe it is interference, or ? I need some time to fix this. Time I don't have

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Still no Debian updates

All debian acounts are still locked, and the anon-ftp uploads I tried failed. So no new cmucl packages for now. The worst is that I cannot communicate with users. This whole mess is getting irritating to say the least.

In related news: someone should start packaing slime a emacs-lisp interface that promises to be much better then ilisp ever was. Still I wonder if they shouldn't have taken up eli from franz.

Work. Well the usual stuff. Upgrades, new projects, technical problems.

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first post!

Trying out skynet's version of blogs...

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